Venture Technology offers a range of methods for producing patterned or continuous thin films on rigid and flexible substrates. We are dedicated to supporting the research and development community with rapidly adaptable equipment suitable for research and pilot production. Venture Technology will provide complete parts, or deposit high performance thin films on substrates that you provide. We work closely with you to develop prototypes or coatings for custom applications. Most of the thin films we develop are designed and manufactured to specific customer specifications.



Venture Technology has the expertise and experience to provide product development

and production services in the following areas:

Design and installation of practical in-situ monitoring equipment for roll-to- roll and batch coaters.
Design and installation of field-proven closed-loop reactive sputtering control systems.
Automation of coating and thin film characterization equipment using LabView.

Anti-counterfeiting solutions for documents and products

Security devices

Resistive traces

Hydrophilic and hydrophobic coatings

Anti-reflection coatings: single layer and broadband AR coatings

Bandpass filters

Transparent conductive coatings

Optically Variable Devices

Decorative and artistic applications: e.g. patterned dichroics, oxidized metallic coatings, etc.

Water and oxygen barriers

Low-friction coatings

Heat mirrors

Rugate and gradient index filters

Beam splitter coatings

RFI/EMI shielding

Dielectric Coatings: SiO2, Al2O3, Si3N4

Fluorescent and Phosphorescent layers

Optical biosensors: e.g.: monoclonal antibody visualization wells

Wear-resistant coatings

Thin film sensors

Cold mirrors

Response correction filters

Mirrors coatings based on Au, Al, Ag, Cu, and dielectric films

Infrared coatings for germanium, silicon, and zinc-sulphide optic

Venture Technology has the expertise and experience to provide the following high quality optical coatings services:

Sputtered: Ag, Cu, Ti, Kanthal, Inconel, any non-toxic metal or metal alloy

Reactive Sputtering: ITO, TiO2, ZrO2, SiO2, Ta2O5, ZnO

Evaporated: Al, Zn, Au, Ag, Cu, Ti, Cr, Ni, Ti/W, Mo, Ta, SiO, ZnS, and MgF2

CVD: DLC (Diamond-like-carbon), H:SiOx

Sol-Gel: SiO2, TiO2, ZrO2, ITO(indium-tin oxide)



High Quality
Fast Turnaround
Responsive to the needs of small volume and innovative customers
Prototype and specialty coating which fits with your research and development needs.
Discreet and secure new product development
Experience needed to understand and solve your technical problems
Connections to world class experts in many fields which have expertise pertinent to your problem.


Supporting researchers who need thin film coatings as part of their innovation but who do not have access to the required thin-film coating machines.

Creating innovative products for the security paper and anti-counterfeiting industry.

Solving process control problems on our customer's existing coating machines with field-proven feedback controls and in-situ monitoring systems.



Serving customers that wish to purchase small volumes of specialized products.

Address the gap that exists between simple coatings produced on wide-web roll-to-roll coaters and the complex thin-film designs produced in batch coaters. We offer thin film designs of moderate complexity on flexible substrates.


A highly creative and market-aware staff with over 80 years of innovative thin-film and vacuum experience.

A wide range of low-cost, modular equipment designed for rapid changeover and modification.

Leading edge monitoring and control systems for thin film coating processes.

Our network of material scientists, technologists, and analytical facilities.



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Venture Technology engineers are now available to help you with your thin film deposition requirements. For assistance with your product development projects or to inquire about custom thin film devices or vacuum coating: